Palau swimming pools

piscina con idromassaggio

Design and installation of swimming pools: swimming pools of all types, suitable for every environment and for commercial and private purposes. Have a look at some: 

Overflow pools: Perimeter overflow is the best possible filtration system for floating impurities, so it is mandatory for all new public pools.

Skimmer Swimming Pools: Featuring a watertight cross-flowing mouthpiece and a patented, non-moisture floating swinging chair, it improves surface drip regardless of the water level.

Elevated pools: Elevated pools are characterized by the use of different materials, but consist mainly of wood. No authorization from the local council is required to build them.

Sale of swimming pool accessories

vendita e assistenza

We offer a wide assortment of personalization and security accessories for private pools and open to the public.

Structures, filtration, circulation, fittings, lighting, outdoor accessories, water games, cleaning, water treatment, roofing and wellness.

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