Water purification

depurazione e trattamento delle acque

We offer services related to water purification, including civil and industrial purification, white and black water, management and maintenance of civil and industrial water treatment plants, IMOHFF, water treatment plants for rain water, and phytodepuration plants.

All services are certified by our brand and are performed in the most thorough manner possible.

Water treatment products

impianti ed apparecchi

We offer a wide range of water treatment and water treatment products; chlorination products, complementary treatment products, filtration products, bath cleaners, hygiene and varnishing, ambient hygienics, water analysis equipment and reagents, dosing equipment and documentation for all the treatments described.

Water purification

The various water purification techniques, all relate to specific conditions or uses, such as filtration, softening, osmosis and debattering. Our company uses all of these techniques.

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